As you prepare budgets and other reports for management, incorporating expert third-party data and opinions can help bolster your assertions. RISI provides easy access to historical and forecast data and expert commentary. This information can help you reveal new opportunities for savings, expose potential risks and explain price volatility. RISI’s Packaging Intelligence Center will help you:

  • Use third-party historical and forecast data to enhance your budgets and forecast models
  • Cite pulp and paper expert commentary and reports to validate your conclusions
Packaging Planning, Paper Plans, Paper Forecasts, Packaging Budgets

Enhance Budgets and Forecast

When generating, internal budgets and forecasts you can use RISI’s historical and forecast data to evaluate and supplement your own. Our price indices and forecasts have long been recognized as the most comprehensive source of pulp and paper information in the world. Our experts develop data and analysis using a transparent methodology so you know how our information was derived. With PIC you will be able to instantly compare your prices against our database of industry price averages. You can plan ahead using our forecasted prices and economist commentary. You can also use our data to develop forecasts and reports of your own.

Validate Conclusions

RISI’s commentary and reports are produced by editors, economists and analysts, strategically stationed around the globe. They specialize in gathering and analyzing data and reporting on information specifically for and about the global forest products industry. Our clients have relied on our expertise for over 30 years to enhance their own reporting and validate their assertions about the market.If your job requires you to explain current market conditions and fluctuation in prices, the PIC platform provides a simple way to download charts, data and commentary that will help you make your case.. You will be able to better explain market trends, add credibility to your projections, and support your recommendations.