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Mill Asset Database

Mon, Apr 01, 2013

RISI's Mill Asset Database was built in partnership with our clients to deliver comprehensive mill and market equipment, consumption and investment information to pulp and paper industry professionals around the world. The Mill Asset Database offers the information you need to develop a more competitive sales and marketing strategy.

Strengthen Your Business Intelligence

Make stronger, more strategic sales and marketing decisions by better understanding what's happening in mills across global markets.

Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

Stay abreast of changes in the competitive landscape with detailed and current mill equipment, input consumption and project data.

Save Time and Resources with an Intuitive Platform

Quickly and easily customize, save and export the information you need to identify new business opportunities and threats from competition with this easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

Strengthen Your Business Intelligence

  • Track worldwide mill projects and investments to identify new opportunities and competitive threats.
  • Stay abreast of mill and machine closures, idles and restarts that might impact your budgeted sales and pricing.
  • Better understand the current supply needs of the market, as well as your current and potential market share.
  • Evaluate the needs of mills to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Negotiate new contracts from an informed position.
  • Access key personnel listings by mill, to quickly and easily push relevant contact data to your team.

Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

  • Maintain your competitive advantage in today's global market with the most current mill and market intelligence as soon as it is available. RISI's global team of market analysts and process engineers update the Mill Asset Database on a daily basis with new information.
  • Research your competitors to understand their involvement in global mill projects, which markets they currently serve, and the size of their market share.
  • Analyze mill equipment and manufacturing processes to determine your strengths and weaknesses relative to your top competitors.
  • Identify mills using specific types of equipment, chemicals, energy and other consumables. Discover the best ways to compete and position your company in the market.

Save Time and Resources with an Intuitive Platform

  • Create maps of mills located in your sales territories that meet specific criteria.
  • Quickly export data and images with an intuitive interface.
  • Customize, save and update reports with ease.
  • Access this internet-based platform from anywhere in the world with no software installation needed.

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