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For more than a century, RISI's magazines have served as the industry's foremost publications. Since 2009, when RISI responded to our subscribers' need for global information and united PPI and Pulp & Paper to create the new PPI magazine, the editors have continued to provide the industry with the same high-quality editorial coverage of North America, Europe, Asia and Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa that has been our trademark for more than 100 years. As the leading information provider for the global forest products industry, RISI has staff editors, engineers, and economists in Belgium, Finland, UK, China, Singapore, Brazil, Canada and throughout the United States that all specialize in the pulp and paper industry - plus an extensive network of worldwide contacts. This world-wide positioning allows RISI to deliver content from a global perspective and is whyPPI continues to be the only true global pulp and paper publication, offering the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. PPI has more dedicated content staff than any other publisher in the industry - bringing you more mill visits, more event coverage and ultimately more content delivered directly to you, in one place.