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Specialty Packaging Papers Special Market Analysis Study

Mon, Apr 01, 2013

Changes in consumer preferences, rising petrochemical costs and increasing government regulation have caused food and consumer products companies to look for alternatives to plastic-based packaging. As demand for paper-based packaging grows, key specialty grades could evolve to replace certain film-based packaging options. This increase in demand offers existing specialty producers significant potential for growth. It also offers new opportunities to producers of printing and writing grades in declining markets.

RISI's new Specialty Packaging Papers Study provides industry professionals with a comprehensive profile of the market's competitive landscape and a detailed market outlook through 2015. It also outlines opportunities and challenges that new market entrants will face; and what equipment and processes are needed to be successful.


Study Highlights:

  • Existing and projected market growth, market consumption and end-use applications for key grades:
    • Unbleached, uncoated papers
    • Bleached, uncoated papers
    • Bleached, C1S papers
  • Profiles of 60 major producers and 112 machines, including capacity by machine and cash manufacturing cost estimates
  • Converter and distributer profiles including:
    • Paper grades and materials consumed during production
    • Packaging materials produced
    • End-use markets served
  • Trends in international trade
  • Market opportunities and threats
  • Barriers to entry
  • Equipment and product quality requirements
  • New investment and trading opportunities
  • Sample manufacturing process flowsheets for mills in each world region