Will Mies, Director, News Editorial, RISI

Acme Corp

Microstickies Removal and 4th Generation Screen Cylinders

In 2009, Kadant published a study presenting the characterization and removal strategy of small stickies, referred to as ministickies in our study. One of the conclusions, based on mill surveys and several pilot plant trials, was that the screening efficiency of ministickies is low and some technologies were better than others for removing ministickies. Since that initial study, a 4th generation of screening cylinders has been introduced to the market.


Process Operators and Maintenance Staff Work Hand-in-hand with DCS-embedded Condition Monitoring

The capabilities of an on-line condition monitoring system have been embedded in a distributed control system (DCS) which uses common I/O hardware, signal processing hardware and software, engineering configuration tools, information trending and alarming. Machine operators and a maintenance staff are now able to see quickly developing vibration and process pulsation problems and determine their causes, using a unified user interface which is combined with process control functions of the DCS.

Acme Corp

OptiLayer Multilayer Curtain Coating by Metso

Metso's OptiLayer coater is a multilayer, slide die curtain coater which provides excellent coating coverage. Since multiple coating layers can be applied simultaneously,with essentially no speed restrictions, it is possible to fine tune each coating layer for specific paper properties. The technology, jointly developed by Metso and Dow Chemical, has been used for specialty paper grades and white top liner grades and also offers an economical substitute for coated board applications where air knife coaters have conventionally been used. Another suitable application is food packaging board.


ANDRITZ introduces new alternatives for washing/bleaching retrofits.

ANDRITZ is well-regarded for its portfolio of washing systems.

To create a durable and reliable product, ANDRITZ designed the Wash Press AWP with a minimum number of components. The Wash Press AWP has a compact and innovative design that sets a new standard for performance.

The unique drum design and simple component structure require little maintenance and contribute to a long mechanical life. These features, together with low power consumption, result in a highly capable wash press with a low total cost of ownership.

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