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Good Month

Kimberly-Clark, March 2014

Canopy is supporting Kimberly-Clark on the release of a cutting-edge study of the existing and potential raw materials for their products. This comprehensive Lifecycle Analysis was authored by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

SCG Paper, March 2014

SCG Paper is gearing up to erect a 300,000 tonne/yr recycled containerboard machine at its Banpong mill in Ratchaburi province, Thailand. The 7.25 m wide unit, which has a design speed of 1,300 m/min, is expected to come online in the fourth quarter.

PaperWorks, March 2014

PaperWorks Industries Philadelphia, PA, and Wabash, IN mills have achieved certification under the Recycled Paperboard Alliance's (RPA-100%) certification program focused on substantiating the recycled fiber claim associated with the manufacture of 100% recycled paperboard. 

Bad Month

Venezuelan Pulpaca, March 2014

The Venezuelan government has postponed for the fifth time the startup of its pulp and paper mill Empresa Básica Socialista de Pulpa y Papel (EBS-Pulpaca) from mid-2013 to the second half of 2015, due to delays in construction.

Railroad Freight, March 2014

Extremely cold weather conditions in much of the US pushed down the total freight traffic in the latest week by 1.8% with North American forest products volume slipping 5.2% in the week ending Feb. 1 to 18,313 carloads compared to a year ago.

UPM, March 2014

UPM is probably not going to make a decision reagardin its proposed Stracel Biomass-to-Liquid (BtL) investment as planeed this year because of lack of clarity on regulation. The plant is suppsoed to be around 1 million tonnes/yr of woody biomass to produce some 105,000 tonnes/yr of bio-fuel, with bio-diesel accounting for 80% of the output and bio-naphtha for 20%. 

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